Ministry of Clouds Offer


Ministry of Clouds Offer

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Ong and Forwood are a breath of fresh air to McLaren Vale wineries. Their Ministry of Clouds brand has set the industry alight! This is only their fourth vintage and excitement levels have been at fever pitch for the miniature 2014 release. Prior to setting up Ministry of Clouds, Ong and Forwood worked for many years as sales executives at Woodstock and Wirra Wirra respectively. However now they’re marching for with great big flavour-full strides and are consistently producing wines reflecting their vibrant, upbeat philosophy to life.

Our quick case option includes 3 bottle of each of the following:

Ministry of Clouds, Clare Valley Riesling 2015

Ministry of Clouds, Tasmania Chardonnay 2016

Ministry of Clouds, McLaren Vale Shiraz 2016

Ministry of Clouds, McLaren Vale Tempranillo Grenache 2016

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